Apple has created the ‘next big thing’ with it’s ipod. Like the Sony Walkman 25 years ago, the ipod changes the way we understand and use music. Suddenly we have the ability to transport / listen / share all the music we can handle. It’s smart, well designed, and it’s marketing is brilliant.
I don’t understand why Apple insists on making their products so elitist. The technology market is all about compatibility right now. Consumers don’t want another ‘betamax.’ They want a DVD/MP3/MPG/WMV/itune conpatible player/recorder/mixer/ with voice mail.
Apple would be wise to licence (sell) the right for others to make products for it’s ipod. They would lose some money in lost song sales if others are making them, but their brand is durable, having created it’s own nitch, it can loose a few song sales for licencsing royalties. It’s time to rent out space in that nitch they’ve created.
The license profits would be around forever.
As ipod evolves, so would the licenced produced others could make for it.
People will pass on a product that only offers one flavour while every other brand is scooping out 36.