Real also temporarily dropped the price of their songs to $0.49, which really pissed people off. I don’t know why people who don’t own Apple stock or get an Apple paycheck would be upset at the idea of getting the same product for half price.
Right, the reason it really pissed off the Mac user community (zealots, fanboys, rational adults, etc) is because Real runs their store for Windows users only. So even if they wanted to just play fair with the iPod and the iTMS and compete ‘free market style’ they were already being hypocrits. Freedom of choice for consumers!! As long as you choose Real, and use Windows!! I know you know this — I think we’ve talked about it on Slashdot 🙂

Anyhow, buy CDs people, otherwise you aren’t getting all 44 thousand bits out of every second you purchased. It’s the value. Hm… interesting thought: What if the ratio of cost from CDs to encoded music was the same as the compression ratio?