Working in an office with lots of people in it is uncomfortable for me because I’m always finding myself in the following situation….
I’m walking down a hallway…I need to get like 25-50 yards to get back to my desk…..then someone starts walking towards me from like 25-50 yards away, heading right to where I started walking. So now I have about 12-20 yards to wonder, “do I say hi to this person, give them the straightahead, check my watch, nod, cough so as to avoid talking, look them in the eye?”.
There’s like a million possible things that could be done in that situation. I work NEAR these people. I see them like 8 hours a day. Granted I don’t really interact with them….but I see them more often then I see my cat. It seems like there should be some level of interaction, but everytime this happens I’m just as uncomfortable as the first time it happened.