This post probably isn’t about who you think it’s about. I just finished watching this epsisode of X Play on G4TechTV.comasteriskquestionmark and I noticed that they left something out of the episode summary – their 4 minute discussion on breasts in video games. They spent as much time on mechanical mammaries (yes, that’s the best I could do) as they did on Ben Affleck, yet heaven forbid they own up to it in their episode summary.
My point is that on the one hand G4TechTV.comasteriskquestionmark seems to know its audience all too well – teenage boys who want to hear the latest news about computer animated boobs. This would be the “Team Ninja” demographic. On the other hand, if they know their market so well maybe they can explain why they spent all that money adding video game shows to the TechTV lineup when the only video game show I TiVo is the only non-G4 show?

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  1. Speaking of Ben Affleck, he was on Larry King Live last night, and he sounded like he wanted to run for political office!

  2. Man, Fckn sweet- I didnt know Morgan posed for Maxim. What ever happened after she won that Playboy Poll?

  3. in regard to this topic…G4 does NOT know their demographic..that explains the crummy programming. When you have to suffer the death of a quality network like techTV and then suffer MORE with trailer trash programming on the purchasing network, then you’ll .know what demographic they buying company “thinks” they know, come talk to me then….

  4. “I need recommendations. What are the best video game-related TV shows, or other geeky shows I should be TiVoing?”
    x-play….enough said. The ONLY good show on G4, that came from techTV

  5. “x-play….enough said. The ONLY good show on G4, that came from techTV”
    that and The Screen Savers, which sadly turned into “Attack of the Show”, hosted by that DOLT Kevin Perriera…I still follow Sarah Lane and Brendan Moran however, same with Adam Sessler, and Morgan Webb. long live the memory of techTV!

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