I was talking to Ben from the RIAA Radar and Mixmatcher about independent music and he pointed out that Apple has posted an "Independant 100 Playlist" to their music store that claims to celebrate independent music, like Hillary Duff. He says that of the 100 albums 47 are from truly independent labels.
I’ll take his word for it because I’m not about to do a hand recount, but I thought that was pretty odd. Apple doesn’t seem to be doing much better with their user created iMixes either.

2 responses to “Independent 100?”

  1. For real. I would find it hard to believe that Disney’s “Pirates of the Caribbean” soundtrack is Independant music.

  2. davidissimo says:

    I find it disheartening that you and your bunch of cronies can’t recognize the truly indepentitude of artists like Hillary Duff, William Hung, and Disney’s contribution to music, Pirates.
    Isn’t Hillary Duff just a Peaches in disguise? Doesn’t William Hung remind you of a young Morrissey? Pirates of The Caribbean? more like Pixies of the Caribbean. You mustn’t poo-poo these independent artists.
    I remember a major label band that, now, truly embodies l’essence of the independent spirit….I think you know who I’m talking about…Understated, poetically indie, U2.
    P.S. The awesome selection of independent labels has not left Apple hard pressed to find a variety of independent artists. 3 White Stripes Albums. 2 Yo La Tengo. 3 Moby Albums. 2 Lewis Black? Brilliant.

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