Does anyone have any thoughts one way or the other on EV1 Servers? I can get a Red Hat or FreeBSD box with 1 TB of transfer for $99/mo, and I already have one friend to defer the cost / admin duties. mathowie seems to like it. I like the idea of being able to do interesting things like host BitTorrent files without abusing our graciously donated bandwidth on the current server.

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  1. I’ve had a great experience with EV1. But if the SCO issue bothers you, you may want to look into Servermatrix. Several uber-geeks I know have switched. You get more bandwidth (1.2TB/month) and more power for less money. And you get the option of Debain or FreeBSD by default, if you want it.

  2. I wouldn’t go with EV1 because of that incident where they gave in to the SCO bullying and paid to fund further attacks on Linux users.

    I just saw yesterday that ValueWeb is offering a terrabyte of transfer for $59/month on a dedicated box. We have a client that has used ValueWeb and I haven’t been super impressed with their service or network, but if you can do all the admin yourself, they probably will be ok.

    It should be noted that I run a small hosting service, so you probably don’t want to consider me impartial. We compete not on giving tons of bandwidth, but instead on providing very good management of the systems, so our service isn’t really a competitor to either of these.


  3. A friend of mine runs a web hosting business out of EV1 and he’s never had any problems with them outside of his personal dislike of their SCO antics. Personally, I found the whole thing rather ridiculus. If a company offers great service, decent prices and then does something in the attempt to protect itself and its users…well thats just smart.
    But then, I’m weird.

  4. I would avoid ev1-servers and look into serverbeach or any other host. I hosted with them for about a year, and their service was very bad.

  5. Thanks for the heads up about your experience, I wound up going with Servermatrix, which is where this site is now hosted. Aside from a slight delay in getting me my login info (3 days, as opposed to the 3 weeks you say EV1 delayed you without refund) I haven’t had any complaints.

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