This release represents a much friendlier direction for us – Kevin Foreman GM, Helix RealNetworks, Inc., announcing Real Player 10.
Yeah, the free player is a lot easier to find now:
Real Homepage with the free player link highlighted


2 responses to “Kinder, Happier Real Player”

  1. Gledster2000 says:

    Yeah, that REALLY bugs me. I know they are trying to sell your product, and that only stupid people who aren’t paying attention will be fooled but it still annoys me that the free version is hidden away. I don’t even like Real Player that much. I used to like it but now it’s a web-browser and CD-Burner and lord-knows-what. Whatever happened to just watching streaming video and listening to streaming audio?

  2. d.w. says:

    12 point light gray on white type. That is hilarious.

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