On All Things Considered today Cheryl Corley interviewed Rep. Phil Gingrey of Georgia about the prisoner abuse crimes. This is an excerpt from the clip at 3:24 –

Corley: Your Republican colleague from Oklahoma Tom Cole called this abuse scandal a psychological Pearl Harbor in the Arab world. Do you agree with that at all?
Gingrey: I think to some extent, but you’re talking about psychological Pearl Harbors, 9/11 was a psychological Pearl Harbor in the United States of America, I mean that’s what they did to us. Talking about another psychological blow how about the killing of those 4 defense contractors and dragging their bodies through the streets of Faluja, burning them, torturing them and then hanging them from telephone poles for public display? I don’t condone any mistreatment of prisoners, but my God, when you compare what’s happened to our people it pales in comparison.

I hope for the sake of our country that he’s not saying that 9/11 is what the Iraqis did to us. I know a lot of people think that Iraq was involved in 9/11, but a congressman? Are there links between the Saudi 9/11 hijackers and Iraq that I’m not aware of?