As I read through the unknown number of post replies counter replies, I am brought to one conclusion. I am on a DSL modem. I have 8 computers behind a Linksys router. I have not only configured it so I can get to my Web (http) server but also my FTP server. And for added challenge I also configured my VPN Gateway behind a NAT. My Linksys “Router” NATs all of my IP ports to an internal address that is running my web, ftp, and vpn gateway. I could allow any other services I wanted but I have chosen to lock down all other unwanted ports. As for IM file sends… Well that is just a poor implementation of a ftp replacement. It isn’t the Internet that is broken it is the application. I am a computer professional and I enjoyed setting up my home network so that I have complete access to all of my home computer systems with the right software username and password. What it seems to me is that everyone is mad that it isn’t free. Well someone has to pay the programmers for writing and compiling all that code.
Thomas Simmons