In this case it is an HTTP specific solution only because that happens to be the only solution I need at this time. Im sure there is a similar application that understands and correctly disseminates other protocols. As for the world of ends, while incredibly romantic (to us nerds that is), its not necessarily ideal in all circumstances. I think that if the natural “barriers” (routers) present in IPv4 were removed with the implementation of IPv6, we would have to erect unnatural barriers in order to offer the same level of security we have now. Not only would communication and file/data transmission get simpler and easier, so would the spread of worms, viruses, and other malicious code. I would love it if I could leave my front door of my house open all the time. It would make it easier for the pizza delivery man, my friends and family visitors, etc. However, in doing so I make my home incredibly unsafe.
You may claim that your mothers router has problems but her innability to configure it is just not grounds to call any services that it provides as broken.
If that were the case, My dads TV service is broken because he can’t work his VCR.
Surely you see this.
BTW: Whether or not I agree with your assessment, I thank you for a column interesting enough to spur some thought provoking posts.