I like the idea of home router companies implementing IPv6. That seems like a novel idea, George.
Oh, and if you wanna possibly get more technical, These home routers implement PAT, moreso than NAT. The term Network Address Translation was concocted to describe using a pool of Routable IP addresses to translate for internal addresses. Technically, NAT is a 1 to 1 mapping of internal to external address. The Politically Correct Term, PAT, stands for Port Address Translation.
If true NAT was implemented, with a pool of routable addresses, you would be able to do files transfers without the current problems. Today, AOL and MSN provide a rudimentary intermediary service that sometimes works for direct connecting, i think.
This doesn’t change the overall idea you presented, though. I think the driving force for IPv6 might just end up being, “Hey! Japan already did it!”.
How long have Quake3 and other gaming servers been offered via IPv6? I recall noticing that the Quake III demo was offered on some IPv6 servers for special people to download without problem.