The other day, I was having a smart cappuccino with Vishnu at a cafe on the banks of La Rive Gauche when we touched on this very subject. Well, I don’t need to tell you, the debate got quite heated, when who should happen by but Siddartha Gautama (Who ordered a sandwich after we had already finished our meals!). The three of us reminiced about when religions were pretty much all polytheistic thousands of years ago, and how no one’s got it right, when Guatama orders double desserts. Not being one to turn down dessert, I asked for another spoon. In the end, we all thought that the Ten Commandments was a highly overrated film with some pretty good acting by Yul Brenner and Edward G. Robinson. Friday night we’re heading over to Zeus’ for Karaoke. I hope יהוה shows up, he does a killer Peaches and Herb.