I believe the last entry has been locked from comments for posterity. Though it muddles the conversation, I will converse it here.
Jessica, think the YL is for You Lose. Well, that is my guess. Perhaps it is Yodeling Llama. Llamas are known to bite at trolls. At the conclusion of a particularly nice day, llamas yodel.
Truth be unsaid, I think it is entirely possible that George meant all that he typed. But upon realizing the disappointment of those he is trying to impress with this weblogging ‘thing’ he does, George slyly applied a ‘haha, just kidding’ post script.
Someday George will remind us, “Hey guys! Remember when I disappointed you all with my nonsensical political views that weren’t really mine?”
Yes George, we will remember. But you should also remember: we can find so many other reasons to be disappointed in you; you need not remind us of specific occasions.
Of course, I’m kidding.
No I’m not.
Yes I am.
:::shakes head:::