We’re all sick with things that end with ‘ster.’ — Jonathan Abrams, founder and CEO of Friendster, in his speech to SXSW. No doubt Shawn Fanning is thinking the same thing.

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  1. And to think, you could have named your project “Songster”…
    Also, am I translating this correctly:
    “Update: YHBT. YL. HAND.” = “You have been trolled young lady have a nice day”?.

  2. I believe the last entry has been locked from comments for posterity. Though it muddles the conversation, I will converse it here.
    Jessica, think the YL is for You Lose. Well, that is my guess. Perhaps it is Yodeling Llama. Llamas are known to bite at trolls. At the conclusion of a particularly nice day, llamas yodel.
    Truth be unsaid, I think it is entirely possible that George meant all that he typed. But upon realizing the disappointment of those he is trying to impress with this weblogging ‘thing’ he does, George slyly applied a ‘haha, just kidding’ post script.
    Someday George will remind us, “Hey guys! Remember when I disappointed you all with my nonsensical political views that weren’t really mine?”
    Yes George, we will remember. But you should also remember: we can find so many other reasons to be disappointed in you; you need not remind us of specific occasions.
    Of course, I’m kidding.
    No I’m not.
    Yes I am.
    :::shakes head:::

  3. Gabe is right, at least about the “You Lose.” I’m not trying to cover my ass though. My tip of the hat to anyone paying attention was in saying that liberals hate Lessig. Liberals tend towards populism over corporatism, and a lot of his arguments could be seen as anti-business.

  4. Man, I was hoping to find some comments about Friendster here.
    I do have one question for anyone out there: how many people have you met (and become friends with) as a result of friendster? I’m just curious. I don’t use it. Well, I do have an account, but I stopped going back when all it seemed to be was a popularity contest. This isn’t a slight against anyone who likes it – I just have no use for it. That, and I had too many people associated with me because they were friends with the city of detroit.

  5. I haven’t really met anyone. Of course it’s my fault because I really just made an account to check it out, and didn’t add anyone.
    I seem to make most of my friends through real life contact. That, and I’m like… Hmm. What if I added someone and they were like “Screw you, I hate you!” That would be crushing. Couldn’t someone just invent “Casual Acquaintance ‘ster”, or “I’ ve heard of you ‘ster”? That would put alot of less pressure on the meek and social mal-adjusted, such as myself.

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