Ran quickly through the dictionary
allof.us – a page for all people around the world
an.us – we all have one – right?!
blasphemo.us – worship the devil
bog.us – everyone is something they’re not
camp.us – every student is always so active
do.us – page for desprate people
exod.us – empty page no one ever wanna leave US
plzleave.us – for teens that think parents disturb too much
famo.us –
funkR.us – jup
jazzr.us – lots.of.stuff.r.us
glamor.us – E’s new page
hoc.us.poc.us – magic tricks
ignoram.us – hehe
mercyon.us – appeal to religious fanatics
min.us – my account is always in
morefor.us – bush family page
rank.us – volunteer insurrance company work
bush.is.ridiculo.us – do you dislike bush like we do !?
plz.save.us – salvation
i.hate.asparag.us – veggies UFFF
dont.slow.us – faster faster
IRS.plz.dont.take.my.surpl.us – if I had any
vers.us – battle you friends