• sacrilicio.us – could be a religious-themed del.icio.us
  • bod.acio.us – David‘s suggestion
  • salatio.us
  • cunniling.us
  • fellatio.us
  • fuck.us – a site where people beg for sex or a fan site for Miss Ivannah from Mallrats

What else?

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10 responses to “Potential .us domain names:”

  1. frombushpleasesave.us
    dont.c.us – FCC’s new domain?

  2. Jonas Kamper says:

    Ran quickly through the dictionary
    allof.us – a page for all people around the world
    an.us – we all have one – right?!
    blasphemo.us – worship the devil
    bog.us – everyone is something they’re not
    camp.us – every student is always so active
    do.us – page for desprate people
    exod.us – empty page no one ever wanna leave US
    plzleave.us – for teens that think parents disturb too much
    famo.us –
    funkR.us – jup
    jazzr.us – lots.of.stuff.r.us
    glamor.us – E’s new page
    hoc.us.poc.us – magic tricks
    ignoram.us – hehe
    mercyon.us – appeal to religious fanatics
    min.us – my account is always in
    morefor.us – bush family page
    rank.us – volunteer insurrance company work
    bush.is.ridiculo.us – do you dislike bush like we do !?
    plz.save.us – salvation
    i.hate.asparag.us – veggies UFFF
    dont.slow.us – faster faster
    IRS.plz.dont.take.my.surpl.us – if I had any
    vers.us – battle you friends

  3. joemono says:

    toys.r.us / kids.r.us

  4. For all that don’t know, domain names must be a minimum of 3 letters…

  5. Jonas Kamper says:

    there he goes an ruins a perfectly good time 😛

  6. Da, comrade. I was aware of this RFC 1035 and 952. We were just having a little fun.

  7. Scott says:

    How the hell diuderyone overlook booty.licio.us

  8. Scott says:

    How the hell did “did everyone” become “diuderyone”. It’s like I starting speaking greek, mid-sentence.

  9. deli.cio.us

  10. George has pointed out to me that there are in fact sites with fewer than 3 characters (http://www.aa.com)(http://www.z.com). I realize my faults and hold network solutions completely accountable for my error. If you try and register a domain with fewer than 3 characters they give you this message: “Please enter a valid domain name composed of three or more characters.” NetSol is the best, man! With this new found information, I would like to also suggest these domains:

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