Upset at Textamerica for 0wning your pictures and spamming you reserving the right to spam you? Buzznet looks like a pretty good alternative, and they support Creative Commons.
Personally, I’m using Airblogging to post pictures to my LiveJournal although it supports Moveable Type, TypePad, and Blogger too.


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  1. Wow, look at all the traffic and comments on your site! But seriously, TA does not email its members. Also, we don’t “own” images, only reserve the right to promote them on our news site and other press. So your statement is erroneous (not to mention a waste of bandwidth). In other words, you are a clown.

  2. davidissimo says:

    Where I’m from, clowns, specifically those riding unicycles, represent street knowledge.

  3. But seriously, Shawn “Ass Clown” Honnick breaks the terms and conditions of Textamerica.
    6 (f) images containing copyrighted material not owned by the uploader, such as images taken of movies, concerts, works of art, etc.,
    And, no, George’s statement is not erroneous because Textamerica is reserving the right to sell user email, address, images, and text. Read, I am a spam pimp and you will take spam up the ass.

    14. may use, sell and/or share with its affiliates any information provided by you on this website, including your name, e-mail address, usage patterns, and uploaded images and text.

    Also, I’m not sure, but statement 17 sounds a lot like Textamerica is restricting copyright of the author. and any images and comments on this website are intended for personal use only and may not be used except by for commercial purposes.

  4. So the clown statement may have been a little quick. The fact remains, we DON’T sell names, spam, etc. and please keep in mind, this was all written by a lawyer who was/is trying to interpret our needs as a company. The last thing we need is users going legal on us for doing providing them with a free service. Again, “clown” was harsh. Everyone (me first) should really calm down and enjoy the show from time to time. [end]

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