I certainly respect your decision to refer your readers to Grey Tuesday rather than risk legal troubles with Capital/EMI that I’m sure you cannot afford. While commenting on this protest this morning, from the point of view of a visual and music artist who has grappled with the concepts of free expression and fair use for a long time, I felt obligated to do the opposite, and decided to throw those tracks online for anyone to sample (not that anyone reads my little nascent blog). Get ’em today here if you’d like (or of course, any of the many sites listed at greytuesday.org). I think what is really the issue here is not whether artists such as Dangermouse or Negativeland have a right to sample but whether or not rock and rap music is art. I have come to believe that the argument about whether sampling and riffing on the work of others is an art or a crime is really one of prejudice. Appropriation is essential to art and its role in popular music history should not be denied either.