Island, it sounds like you’re accusing a weblogger of posting hastily. That’s along the lines of accusing a pancake of flatness; it’s a defining characteristic of the weblog voice 🙂 If I were forced to take your multiple choice test I would fall deeply in camp B – abusing all who visit my site with verbiage that I have not deeply considered. Such is the nature of the personal weblog, although if I were in the market for an editor you would be on the short list.
I believe that SongBuddy can affect long-term change in the way digital music is handled. When forced to choose between the integrity of SongBuddy and participation in Grey Tuesday I have to choose which I believe will do more good. I believe that enough people will participate in Grey Tuesday that my lack of participation will have a negligible effect and that my participation in SongBuddy will have a significant effect. Given that, the choice is obvious to me.
In the past I had a certain freedom of action in this sphere (not to beat a dead one trick pony, but see the whole iTunes/eBay thing) but suddenly I’m also responsible for the health and well-being of SongBuddy. It’ll take a while for that to become a part of who I am, and so I’ll make mistakes like this along the way.
I won’t comment on your thoughts on digital music for a couple reasons. The first is that I agree with them for the most part and have little to add. The second is that it appears that you have considered these issues far more than I, which is a bit intimidating. I don’t make any claims here as to my expertise on anything, I’m simply putting up here what I’m thinking and feeling about various topics.
I am flattered though, that someone with such deep insights into these issues is reading and contributing to my site. Thank you.