First, I think you’re overestimating my intelligence. It frequently gives way in favor of passions of mine, such as copyright reform or chili dogs.
That said, I think the point of the Grey Tuesday project is for EMI and the RIAA to see who gives support. Not just EMI, but everyone who wonders whether copyright reform is worth it. If I weren’t running SongBuddy I probably would have ignored it (or at least I like to think I would).
However, those things about not posting infringing music on SongBuddy weren’t put up for show and I do need to stand by my word.
It should be noted that he didn’t request the songs be kept off 90% Crud, and it’s possible that the only reason I got that email was because I had listed a public policy on SongBuddy to avoid infringing materials. I’m not posting them on 90% Crud because I think that would be a weasely way around what I said on SongBuddy, and I’m not going to work around my statements on a technicality.