A council member in Flint is trying to ban people from watching porn in their vehicles, according to this Flint Journal article.

Councilwoman Carolyn R. Sims said she has gotten complaints about people watching pornographic videos inside cars – including one case in which the movie lovers left the back hatch of their sport utility vehicle open.

I have to question the use of the term “movie lovers” — after all aren’t the real movie lovers the ones being watched?

State police said they haven’t received any complaints. Burton Police Chief Bruce Whitman, however, said he’s not sure if there are laws on the books to cover the situation.

I’ve heard an anecdotal story about someone in Detroit with porn playing on 4 in-car monitors while in gridlock and the police got him. That isn’t to say that there’s a law on the books, but rather that existing laws can probably take care of the problem. For example, the article concludes saying Michigan is among 37 states that have laws against driving and watching TV at the same time. The last thing we need are more laws on the books.


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  1. I’m too lazy to look it up, but does your car constitute private property? I assume not because it’s illegal to have sex in a car, moreover one that is moving.
    And what if you have porn playing, but only in the monitors in the headrests? Thus the driver is not watching, but facilitating.

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