I’m announcing my first Wiki project, the LinkText Project. The short description of what it is would be "A style manual in development for hypertext." What I want to help create is a guide for which words and punctuation should be used to link and what shouldn’t.
Sure it’s pedantic, but I think that it’s an important part of getting HyperText accepted in schools and other formal settings. HyperText is the way millions of bloggers communicate, why should we be second class citizens when it comes to language. If you feel that rules would unnecessarily limit you, then start looking at the spelling and grammar on the sites you visit and you’ll realize not everyone feels the need to play by the rules. Personally I find comfort in artistic structure, if forces creativity.
So get in there, check out what little content there is and add to it. If you don’t know what a Wiki is, be sure to visit the Wiki Wiki Web page on the site.

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  1. Ober says:

    Pedantic? Pedantic? Well look at Prof. George with his $5 words.

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