I wanted to spend some more time on “Yaaar! The music pirates’ manifesto, which I posted in my last linkdump. This article is an impressively crafted summary of what is going on with copyrights now.
It covers the state of DRM and how it turns computers against their owners. It talks about Freenet and how making copyright enforcement easy makes censorship just as easy. (An aside, I keep meaning to include links to interesting things on Freenet here but I need to get a more stable node going.)
My only point of contention is with their technical argument that iTunes are permanently linked to computers. In actuality they are linked to accounts and the accounts can authorize up to 3 computers and deauthorize old computers at any time. Still, If I were going to use one article to sum up my problems with the current IP laws, it would most likely be this one. (via magnetbox)


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