Like 46,000 other people in Michigan, I voted in the Democratic Caucus online. Or did I? According to Wired News, the Internet voting system used was similar to the one ditched by the Pentagon for being insecure. So how do we audit the Internet vote? Let’s say hypothetically that there was found to be some sort of collusion between the Michigan Democratic Party and a candidate. How would they prove that there wasn’t any modification of votes online? How do you do a recount?
On the other hand, it was pretty damn easy to vote. I just used the username and password that they snailmailed to me and selected my candidate. The site was responsive on Saturday, which I assume was their heaviest traffic period. The only confusion that I heard was people who didn’t realize that they had to pre-register to vote online. Anything that makes it easier to participate in democracy can’t be all bad, IMHO.

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