No one else seems to be noticing, so I want to make sure that everyone reading this visits two new weblogs. The first is Wax Elastic by my friend and cow orker David Weinstock. Lots of links and clever writing, I’m looking forward to watching this grow.
The second is SuperSusy by David’s wife Susana, who is currently doing her clinical rotations for med school in Ecuador for 4 weeks. She’s blogging her experiences and I would definitely put this on a must-read list.
Finally, I wanted to get your thoughts on my recent Linkdumps. I’m using a script to dump my links in daily posts. Do you prefer this method or do you want a sidebar? Comments are open.


3 responses to “David, Susana and Linkdumps”

  1. concerning the linkdumps… i’m cool with them in content… i’m also cool with them in a sidebar … but there had better be a feed if they’re in the sidebar!!!

  2. I’m enjoying the kottke-style linkdumps. Keep it coming. I don’t see any compelling reason to split them apart from the main weblog — I think sidebar links are easy to ignore (at least they are for me).

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