There won’t be that many updates this week, because of my super secret project. As it just so happens, my super secret project will be announced here on Monday the 26th, but there’s a hint about it in the URL for this entry. Another hint is what I’ve been posting about today.


5 responses to “No updates”

  1. Sorry, I forget, what’s the preferred semantic way? Or since the <u> doesn’t convey anything in this case, should I have just <span style="text-decoration: underline;">ed it?

  2. Better to stick with a crufty (X)HTML tag than to apply random inline styles, right? The u tag conveys plenty — you want the text to appear underlined. No “semantic” meaning, but a bird in the hand is worth…

  3. Well, what were you trying to convey with it? Verbal emphasis? Then use <em> or <strong>. If it was supposed to be a title, then <cite> is the way to go.
    But underlining BAD and CONFUSING. It makes things look like links which aren’t, and it doesn’t really help readability either. (Underlining was originally a hacked-up replacement to italics for early typewriters.)

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