From Stephen: Your weblog represents you, make it look good. (still on the todo list)
From AAIO, Murph, Rob, Steven and all the ArborBlogs: You have to live somewhere, write about it.
From Warren: Put a picture in your post whenever you can.
From Cory, Xeni, et all: Use the <ins> and <del> tags liberally.
From Andy: Dig deeper in a story when possible. Fact check, research, add any value you can.
From Josh: Find a voice and have some standards about what you write.
From Denis: Exercise some control over what you post.
From Leslie: Keep a LiveJournal around for the personal stuff, keep a weblog around for the geeky stuff.
Finally, last but most importantly, from Jenny: This is worth doing.


3 responses to “What I learned from other bloggers”

  1. Wow… someone learned something from me? Heh, I’m surprised anyone still reads me 🙂 Thanks for the mention!
    (And separating what you write definitely has its benefits!)

  2. ArborBlogger Blogs about ArborBloggers

    OK, well he didn’t blog about it, but js wrote Dot-com Community about “the Ann Arbor blog scene” for the June issue of Current. That’s right, we’re a scene now, get used to it. He talks to myself, Rob Goodspeed,…

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