According to an LJ user a teacher at Milan High School was forced to resign for downloading software (also here), presumably for educational purposes. I couldn’t find anything on Google News about this but it may have happened during the current news cycle. Although I have no way of knowing that they were involved it sounds like the BSA, up to their usual antics.
Meanwhile schools creating their own problems by requiring students to learn MS applications. Granted MS Office currently dominates the business landscape, but that domination is through users who learned on WordStar or WordPerfect. By using free software schools wouldn’t have to worry about piracy copyright infringement and they would teach kids how to be adaptable.
[Update 2: I just spoke to Superintendent Dennis McComb at the school and he said that they had not been visited by anyone from the FBI and that no computers had been seized. Sounds like I just got played by a high school prank.]
[Update: Reading the text again, it looks like the teacher may have inadvertently been sharing software. The description in question reads “they had downloaded bearshare, and over the network, many other people have downloaded over 6000$ worth of software.” I know that the industry likes to frame the argument in terms of theft (and murder/rape) but when you give something away are you the thief or the victim? Does the same apply if you accidentally leave a software CD where it can be stolen?]


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