Daniel is understandably excited about the microcosm of American consumer culture that is The Price Is Right. Is he mentally impaired or just on drugs? Which drugs? Either way, you need to watch this video (5.6 Mb Windows Media file) right this second. (via Jenny)

12 responses to “Daniel, Daniel, Daniel”

  1. Ober says:

    Confused. Surprised. Dumbfounded. Concerned. Curious….. all this and more.

  2. Ober says:

    What about Jesus?

  3. George says:

    Yeah, but which drugs or Jesus?

  4. Ober says:

    Jesus is my drug. His salvation is addictive. Have you been saved or will you burn in the fires of hell?

  5. George says:

    Ober: Are you saying that he’s not on drugs, which means he’s mentally impaired by Jesus?

  6. Ober says:

    I didn’t say that but your ideas are intriquing to me. I wish to subscribe to your newsletter if you have one available.

  7. belonging says:

    is out

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  8. Perhaps he’s just having one very, very weird seizure. Laying off the PCP coated crack rock cereal might help prevent that.

  9. g says:


  10. Earl says:

    holy shit funniest shit ive ever seen me and my roommate laughed for hours.

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