First comment, iPod Mini. In typical hardware marketing fashion, Apple is putting them out to at $249.00 to simply have a reason to publish another press release stating they are now $199.00 and then another to state they are $149.00. There are some people who have lots of money and will love the ‘blue’ or whatever and will get it just for the novelty of it. Once those sales start to dwindle they will drop the price.
Next up, GarageBand. I think this was a big surprise for me personally. I wasn’t expecting it, but I have a Music Education degree and my wife has her Doctorate in Piano (she plays ok, wink wink). I am however an avid guitar player and just so happen to be a huge Mayer fan. It was a nice touch to bring him in. I thought it was funny that he kept interupting Jobs with better ‘marketing’ reasons for GarageBand than what Jobs was coming up with.
In our apartment we have a full digital yamaha keyboard and an upright piano and two guitars. Definitely enough justification of getting GB. My wife and I make audition CDs for her and this is going to be a great tool to have in our back pocket.
My biggest dis-appointment was when he was talking about iDVD. He put up the screen of the features and then in typical Jobs fashion it seemed like he was going to drop a bomb-shell on everyone and tell us that iDVD now supported other DVD burners but he didn’t. That was a huge let down for me as I was really hoping that was going to happen.
Santa was nice to me and did bring me a new iSight camera and a new Lacie external firewire drive. Fun fun fun!