It’s that time again, the second christmas for Apple fans. The Jobs, the black turtlenecked christ figure, gave his keynote speech to his adoring fans. The rumor sites were abuzz as always, this time predicting a $99 and $199 miniPod, and of course the nay sayers were predicting disappointment. My cow orkers and I had some thoughts as we watched the keynote, which I’ve faithfully stolen to post below.

Worst Photoshop Ever

The first thing the Jobs talked about was the classic 1984 commercial, directed by Ridley Scott. Ironically, the Jobs invoked the very same imagery as he stood in front of his giant screen. I was waiting for someone to run down the aisle to throw a sledge hammer through the screen. That or for Steve to say “Oh, and one more thing,” then levitate and announce himself Godhead of Cupertino.
Lay off the Microsoft lady. She sounded like she was from Fargo, not Hairlipistan. The guy from Microsoft was animated, but he was no Omar. The note taking feature in Office 04 seemed pretty cool.
There must be a new mandate at 1 Inifinate Loop that every employee must do everything in his or her power to include the cube effect in their software. Never have I seen so many cubes! The rotating cube will be the new star wipe.
Last keynote (the speech), when Keynote (the software) was announced, the Jobs spent way too much time on themes. That probably happened because he didn’t have much else to talk about, aside from iPod snowboarding jackets. This time it was iMovie themes. We don’t need to see all of them, quit boring everybody!
iPhoto is taking a cue from iTunes and creating Smart Albums. I guess “smart” is another word for “query” these days. As long as apps are supporting it who am I to complain? They only demonstrated it with dates, the example was to get all the pictures from Dec 15 to Jan 5 for every year as a holiday album. I wonder if it works for other EXIF fields (EXIF contains metadata for JPEGs, little bits of information about your pictures). Some cameras these days are even storing GPS data which means that you could automatically create photo albums based on locations! Let’s hope that it’s that cool.
I have zero interest in GarageBand, but I’m sure some people do. My mom might like it, you’d have to ask her. I think it stems from the Jobs’ fascination with his own taste in music. It could be a democratization of music, or it could be like the clipart desktop publishing revolution of the 1980’s.
The MTV guy in the iLife video needs to calm down, but he’s still not as creepy as Omar. This is what drugs do to you, kids.
As for the iPod mini, well I’m sure you’ve figured it out for yourself. $249 for a 4 GB iPod mini or $299 for a 15 GB iPod, I know that I would pay the extra $50. On the other hand, if the had gone (been able to go?) cheaper they would have been cannibalizing sales of their more expensive iPods. If there’s one thing Apple is afraid of, it’s cannibalizing sales. That’s where their pricing schemes come from, that’s where the mac clones went, that’s what almost killed Apple during Gil Amelio’s reign. On the other other hand, I know of about $2,000 that Apple isn’t getting because they couldn’t come out with a sub-$200 (and I don’t mean $199) iPod. Hopefully this is temporary and we’ll see the rumored prices in a few months.
Like all holidays, the anticipation is usually more fun than the actual gifts. I look forward to seeing the numbers on iPod sales, and what GarageBand winds up creating.

4 responses to “Happy Keynote Day”

  1. fluffy says:

    Garageband is what Soundtrack should have been. And at only $50 (along with iDVD, which I definitely want now that it can author for burning on a separate system) I’m going to pick it up when it comes out.

  2. George says:

    I think GarageBand will be a lot bigger than Soundtrack, due to the mass appeal. Sort of like iMovie having a bigger impact than Final Cut Pro, simply because most of us aren’t trying to replace Avid units.

  3. I was really hoping that the Ipod price would drop a little more than that… I was kind of rooting for the $100 – $150 1GB or 2GB player that was rumored, even if it was unrealistic. Oh, well. Eventually I’ll be able to afford one.
    I like Garage Band. I use Cakewalk right now, however I’ve been wanting to get a Mac, and Garage Band is just one more application that makes my mouth water.

  4. Keith Elder says:

    First comment, iPod Mini. In typical hardware marketing fashion, Apple is putting them out to at $249.00 to simply have a reason to publish another press release stating they are now $199.00 and then another to state they are $149.00. There are some people who have lots of money and will love the ‘blue’ or whatever and will get it just for the novelty of it. Once those sales start to dwindle they will drop the price.
    Next up, GarageBand. I think this was a big surprise for me personally. I wasn’t expecting it, but I have a Music Education degree and my wife has her Doctorate in Piano (she plays ok, wink wink). I am however an avid guitar player and just so happen to be a huge Mayer fan. It was a nice touch to bring him in. I thought it was funny that he kept interupting Jobs with better ‘marketing’ reasons for GarageBand than what Jobs was coming up with.
    In our apartment we have a full digital yamaha keyboard and an upright piano and two guitars. Definitely enough justification of getting GB. My wife and I make audition CDs for her and this is going to be a great tool to have in our back pocket.
    My biggest dis-appointment was when he was talking about iDVD. He put up the screen of the features and then in typical Jobs fashion it seemed like he was going to drop a bomb-shell on everyone and tell us that iDVD now supported other DVD burners but he didn’t. That was a huge let down for me as I was really hoping that was going to happen.
    Santa was nice to me and did bring me a new iSight camera and a new Lacie external firewire drive. Fun fun fun!

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