Bri pointed me to the IntelliScanner Collector, a combination barcode scanner/personal library manager. You just scan in the stuff you own and it pulls images and information down from the Intarweb. It seems perfect for people like me who force people to borrow their books and movies. Supposedly it can also create web pages for you to show off your collection, but I couldn’t find an example to link to. Also, it’s $200 which is understandable (they provide a scanner) but still a hard pill to swallow. It doesn’t do video games, either, which I lend out all the time.
One thing that I would really like to see from software like this is Distributed Library integration, so that you could make your collection lendable to anyone with enough whuffie. Still, the package looks pretty strong and if I could get a cheaper version that worked with my CueCat I would be all over it.


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  1. Murph says:

    Which one of us is setting up the dist-lib installation, anyways? I’ll volunteer to do it eventually, if you don’t first.

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