Sometimes people get into trouble when their jobs and their weblogs intersect. For example, Of blogging and unemployment”>Microsoft fired someone in response to a weblog entry. I feel bad for that guy because his actions were fairly innocent.
The flip side of the coin is that sometimes people get what they deserve. A Brooklyn police officer is being investigated for what he posted on his weblog (which appears to be down, but the Google cache is still up). Now Internal Affairs is looking into him issuing false parking tickets, shirking his duties and talking about the "good old fashion nypd beat down." It’s sad that the police profession attracts assholes like this, but I’m glad he’s dumb enough to post about all the cruel and illegal stuff he does for the entire Internet to read. If he didn’t, he might have a chance at staying a cop.
[Update: be sure to check out his guestbook]


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  1. Weblog Hype says:

    Police officer in trouble due to weblog entries

    The Brooklyn police officer is being investigated due to posts found on his weblog, under the pseudonym “Brooklynbacon.” There he ” brag[ged] about beating suspects, writing phony tickets and ignoring calls to his precinct”. The…

  2. Brooklyn cop investigated because of his weblog entries

    The cop is under investigation for some comments and posts he made on his site. The offending entries are no longer there, but Google’s cached them. Link via Waxy’s Links….

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