If you’re not familiar with group hug it is a site where people can and do make anonymous confessions. Spend some time there, it’s terribly entertaining. It also attracts a lot of joke confessions because, well, it’s on the Internet.
Jenny sent me a link to this confession, which has been removed by the public moderation system. It read:

We were at this huge LAN party/tournament and we were playing another team at ‘Counter-Strike’, a team based first person shooter.
The other team started talking shit and calling us names when they were dead, so after the match (which we won) we took it outside and started arguing.
Some punches broke out and a team member of mine went to his car trunk and retreived a glock (I think it was anyway).
Whilst this was happening an admin came out and tried to stop the fight, he got pushed onto the floor and the guy with the glock went up to him and put the gun in his face.
The rest of us started shouting “Shoot him, shoot the fucker!”.
He didn’t shoot him, we just got in the car and drove off.
I feel bad now.

It seems kind of ridiculous to think that this might be true, because it would be dumb to get that worked up over a game. Tom Clancy once said “the difference between fiction and reality? Fiction has to make sense.” and that certainly applies in this case. The event in question actually did take place, but we’ll never know if the person who confessed was actually there or if that person is merely parroting what they read online. What could be the ultimate joke is if it was moderated away as a “blatant, absurd lie.”
[Update: Another intersection of group hug with real life]

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