I’m not sure why I’m supposed to, but I’m boycotting McDonald’s Del Rio Salad. Apparently McDonald’s doesn’t like the salad talking shit about the Rio Grande river, or something. I’m not sure why the salad would talk shit about a river in the first place, but there you go. (Background info)


5 responses to “BOYCOTT!”

  1. I never ate at the Del Rio, but then again I haven’t lived in A^2 since 1990 so I guess that makes sense… anyway, nothing’s been the same since they closed Drake’s!

  2. Full gram of salt in that 430-calorie salad, I see…and the ingredients list, in 12-point type, is about six by 12 inches long and contains cryptic references to “red strips” and “blue strips”….barely sounds like food.

  3. Don’t hate the Del rio salad thing. Just think about it for one sec and think about the commercial it came from. The first guy that gets on is the hottest guys I’ve very seen! Everytime it gets on is like heaven to me. I wish it could get on more!!!!

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