War on Terror™ now under reported?

So, uh, did you know about The US Terrorism Plot That the Media Ignores” href=”http://www.thememoryhole.org/terror/tyler-terror.htm”>the white supremacist terrorists in Texas? I like to think that I read enough RSS feeds to keep on top of things, but this is news to me. If it was just WorldNetDaily reporting it, I wouldn’t believe it. They’re the site that reported that Saddam Hussein was using Playstation 2s to design nuclear weapons, which more or less got rid of their credibility in my eyes. The stories on the Memory Hole include AP and local news sources though, so why isn’t this getting more attention? (Via Goodspeed Update)

One thought on “War on Terror™ now under reported?

  1. I read right over this at Rob’s. It wasn’t until you made it sound like you should have known that I followed the link. I expect bombings and the like from militarists, but the headlines all said “white supremacists”. They’re not known for terrorism. Did the reporters not realize that this is a big story?


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