The Japanese have all the smart stuff before us, like tiny cellphones, pachinko, combination washer/dryers. Now they’re taking bold steps to prevent libraries from lending books. Libraries and used bookstores, the Napsters of the book world, have long cut into book publishers precious margins. For what? An informed public? Balderdash. They did so out of pure communist evil. It’s about time someone had the cajones to take on these card cataloging satanists. Remember P2P evil. (via Fark)
Update 2003-11-17: We should probably start a fund now to provide the ailing book industry with money to send bogus DMCA takedowns to the Distributed Library Project (via Murph). The gall of some people, thinking that they can loan out or sell things they bought.


2 responses to “Book Piracy”

  1. Jessica Breckenridge says:

    Sigh. I’m going to have to start using dead drops for my soon to be illegal P2P book “sharing” program (Loaning my books to friends.) since this will soon most likely be a violation of the copyright. Maybe we’ll be getting EULA’s with the next book in the Baroque Cycle?

  2. Sean Kennedy says:

    I remember seeing a news story about Japanese bookstores banning those evil camera phones. Apparently people just walk in and photograph magazines to read later…

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