You can link to songs on the iTunes music store a number of ways. You can use the iTunes Link Maker, you can roll your own links, or you can do what I do and right-click in iTunes.
Then you can create links to songs like Double Dutch Bus, albums like To the Extreme or playlists like Missy Elliot’s.
Wait a second, if you’re using a browser that supports standards like CSS you’ve probably noticed the icons next to the iTunes links above. If you’re really interested, you’ve probably viewed my source and noticed that I don’t have any images in there. WTF?
I adapted <a href=”; title=Link Markers: CSS Generated Content”>a tip I found on SurfMind (via 0xDECAFBAD) for adding icons to links based on their hrefs. Whenever a link to the iTunes Music Store appears, CSS supporting browsers will add an image after the link automatically, with no effort on your part.
If you want to do the same, put /images/itunes.gif on your web server, then add the following to your CSS:

content: url("/images/itunes.gif");

You can do this for lots of different link types, the technique appears to have originated on As Days Pass By.

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