A few weeks ago people started posting images of their OS X docks. It was an act of solidarity, showing the world that we’re Mac users and proud of it. It was an act of advocacy, showing off the cool little applications that people found. It was an act of bragging, showing how much more interesting your apps are.
It started with an article on O’Reilly’s Mac Dev Center. Kottke picked up the meme and ran with it, Dave Walker followed suit. Windows users lamented because Start menus just don’t look as good, and it just isn’t as easy to put on display.
Now Windows users can get into the act with ObjectDock from Stardock, the guys who make all those cool Windows customization apps (and they’re local too!). (via PA) So now it’s times for Windows users to show off their docks too.
Of course, at a certain point it becomes cost effective to simply buy a mac instead of spending all your time emulating one. Just because you have iTunes doesn’t mean that you have all the tight AppleScript integration that Mac users have. If you want one or two features or visual flourishes that a Mac provides, then go ahead and replicate them. Apple’s design influences everything on the system, and that’s something that no amount of addon software can replicate.


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  1. I tend to just keep windows straight, with no add ons. I guess my reasoning is I really, really need to drop the coin to get a mac. I’ve been scoping out ebay for about a month, looking for a deal on a nice ibook or powerbook, because I need a new laptop, and I’m determined to get a mac, instead of faking it.

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