I just downloaded iTunes this weekend (I know, I know, I should have a mac, but they aren’t free, and I was just given this new Dell desktop. I tried to trade it for a powerbook, but people kept saying something about out of their ‘Cold dead hands…’)
So anyways it’s a great mp3 players, I scrapped winamp 3 within a day of using it. Smart playlist are a godsend, as is the music rating system. I like a song alog, I snap a few stars on it, and I can make a smart playlist. Don’t even get me started about rendezvous. I have three computers that run windows in the house, and it’s like no matter where I am, I can have my servers’ playlists now, instantly. I was just waiting to wade though complicated setup, have to troubleshoot a few bugs, but no, it just worked. I’ve been waiting for that feature for years. I have to get an Ipod also. I have to save up, because I want to buy retail so I can purchase a extended warranty so I can return it repeatadly after I destroy the drive crashing & burning while snowboarding.
Now if I could remote control one iTunes player from another, it would be perfect, because I have a good set of speakers downstairs, but the laptop hangs out in the loft upstairs, and it would be cool to change music without going downstairs. I use VNC, but it would be cool to have remote control in the app.