My other big complaint with the iTunes music store is that they have a visible (but low) barrier to entry. If they accepted any artist (a la they would take a huge chunk out of the RIAA’s distribution cartel. As it stands only invited labels can post music, but luckily in the past few months more indie labels have appeared on the store.
I think that it does do more than just being a “pretty” mp3 player though. Not that there’s anything wrong with being pretty, even Slashdot admits that style matters (and their users/pretty ratio approaches infinity). Winamp 3 has a similar library function, but last time I used it, it just didn’t “feel” right. You couldn’t dynamically change the columns visible, you couldn’t make Smart Playlists (check those out if you haven’t), there’s a lot of you couldn’ts.
Even if you prefer Winamp3 for playing and organizing, it doesn’t rip. It doesn’t burn (I assume that iTunes for Windows burns, although I haven’t asked anyone running it yet). It doesn’t let you share your songs and playlists with other computers on your network. It seems like there are a lot of it doesn’ts too.
This is also a godsend for anyone on Windows with an iPod, from what I hear MusicMatch is teh suck.
Of course, none of that matters if it doesn’t match your usage. If you download your mp3s (instead of ripping them), and you listen to them on a Nomad, and you don’t worry about playlist management, then you should probably use Winamp3. From what I hear it does use fewer resources, and you don’t have to learn a new interface. So definitely use what works for you.