My bank must be in serious financial trouble. I was at the ATM the other day when I saw an ad for CVS Pharmacy on the ATM screen while I was waiting, as well as an offer to hear more information about CVS. WTF?
I could understand if I were a non-customer, I think watching a short ad is a much better than paying $1.50 or $2.00 to use another bank’s ATM. I don’t understand why they treat their own customers like this. Let’s see, I save them money by using an ATM instead of a teller and they see me as a potential revenue source for advertising? No thanks.
Also, does CVS see anything about my banking information? Just how sweet do they make the deal for their advertisers. Demographic information? How much I earn? Advertising and financing in the same place scares the shit out of me. The only reason I could see for them doing something like this is if they really need the money.
Time to start looking for a new bank…

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