Scott and I were having a jolly good laugh at the fact that both Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jesse “the Brain” Ventura were both governors as well as in the movie Predator. Then Scott pointed out that they were also together in The Running Man, at which point I freaked out.
Something like this simply cannot be coincidence, it must be some sort of divine mandate on how the states of God’s favorite country should be run. But what message was God trying to send us? Surely there must be some way to use this insight for the betterment of mankind or some sort of gambling.
Looking through the cast lists of both movies I found one more commonality: La Fours. Sven-Ole Thorsen was in both movies. In Predator he was “Russian (uncredited)” and in The Running Man he was “Sven (as Sven Thorsen).” The kicker is he was in Kevin Smith’s finest film (no joke!) Mallrats. I’m not sure if the uncredited part will affect his presidential bid, but I’m going to go ahead and say there I am 100% he will rule the world.
Ladies and gentlemen, the next governor of some state:
[Update: Further proof that I’m right: all three were in Batman & Robin and I, for one, welcome our new bodybuilder overlords.]


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  1. Well–duh–“uncredited” means he’s obviously not going to be President. No, he’ll be the one pulling the strings from behind the scenes. He’ll have the power, but nobody will know who he is.
    I notice he’s also in “Conan the Barbarian” and “…Destroyer”–Maybe he and Daryl Issa are secretly the same person?

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