Is anyone else having trouble connecting to AIM with iChat? Adium works fine, but no iChat. How am I supposed to show off the Garth Knight buddy icon I stole without iChat?


3 responses to “iChat problems?”

  1. My problem seems to be sticking around, when I came into work today and tried to sign on it gave me the “could not connect to host” error and kicked me off. I tried again and it let me through.
    Weirdness abounds.

  2. Ok, my problem is that when I have more then one chat going and I am typing back and forth between the two or more buddies I get teh message that I have sent too much or some shit and I have to wait and try again later. I know many people with this issue and why it hasn’t been resolved is pissing me off so bad. I am using adium, which is not visually pleasing at all but work. FIX ICHAT!!!!!

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