I was reading CPAN for the articles and found Acme::Playmate. Someone felt the need to create a programmatic interface to a database of Playboy statistics at playboy.com. Example code:

use Acme::Playmate;
my $playmate = new Acme::Playmate("2003", "04");
print "Details for playmate " . $playmate->{ "Name" } . "n";
print "Birthdate" . $playmate->{ "BirthDate" } . "n";
print "Birthplace" . $playmate->{ "BirthPlace" } . "n";
print "Bust" . $playmate->{ "Bust" } . "n";
print "Waist" . $playmate->{ "Waist" } . "n";
print "Hips" . $playmate->{ "Hips" } . "n";
print "Height" . $playmate->{ "Height" } . "n";
print "Weight" . $playmate->{ "Weight" } . "n";

You would do well to look at all the Acme:: Perl modules.

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  1. Those guys have a good idea, but are wasting their time on the stuff no one reads, or makes fun of anyway. “Ooooh! I love ponies!!” Maybe they can make something to categorize pics by boob size, or pony love or something like that.

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