I’m not ready to throw my massive political machine behind him yet, but Hans Masing is running for Congress.
There are several things that I like about him, he’s an underdog and so I immediately have sympathy. He supports small business, his technology platform is close to mine (he supports the repeal of the DMCA and is anti-censorship) and he’s a programmer (Java and Perl from what I could find elsewhere on the web).
There’s also some problems I have with him. He’s an independent and voting for him is risky until we institute an alternative voting system like Instant Runoff Voting or Condorcet. Also he supports the repeal of clickthrough agreements, especially their liability limitations.
While I do detest the clauses of End User License Agreements on software, their repeal would also negate the General Public License. His platform would destroy most of the open source software Hans celebrates. I think a better approach would be to limit the clauses, such as restricting benchmarks and resale.
Also, ever since Howard Dean made his name blogging every candidate has one. Hans, while he gets points for blogging, loses some of those points for not blogging well. There are no permalinks and he talks about his campaign (good!) but not about current events. Why would such a technologically forward candidate not have something to say about the RIAA subpoenas? Luckily he has 14 months to change this.
Also, a lot of people think that Dean’s big thing was to start a blog and immediately people flocked to him. Not quite, he used tools like Meetup and Upoc to allow his supporters to self organize. He even released a open source package to organize supporters. Blogging is a good start, but in order to see momentum he needs to enable people to connect not only with him but with each other.
The bottom line is that he has a lot of things in his platform that I agree with, and if he can convince me that he knows how to get things done in Washington and isn’t just a starry eyed idealist like me he’ll have my vote.

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