I am just glad people are beginning to get upset about the threat posed by this type of software package, but unfortunately spybots like LoverSpy are not the worst threat .
Remember when, Once upon a time, the Internet was a relatively benign, simple place that bestowed the revolutionary power of communication on all who wanted it? Somehow, in a few short years, we have let the internet change from a sunny open field of dreams into a dark menacing jungle. The Web is crawling with script kiddie hackers, shrink wrapped computer viruses, spam, password stealing packet sniffers, and identity thieves. In the e-commerce revolution there is only one commodity, your information, and thousands of cash hungry predators will do almost anything to get it.
Guess what is worse than a spybot stealing passwords right off of your machine? Try one that doesn’t even have to be installed on your machine… its called a packet sniffer and there is a new generation of easy to use information sniffers that only need to be installed on a single machine to sniff ALL the traffic on a lan. Weakest link in the chain approach, and it’s the preferred method for real criminals.
I wrote a nice little white paper on some of the newest of the breed if anyone is interested
– Mark