Lover Spy is the first company I’ve seen to declare themselves “#1 choice in Spy-Ware Today.” Assuming “Spy-Ware Today” isn’t a morning news program with perky hosts, it looks like spyware creators are reclaiming their pejorative the way extreme geeks have in recent years.
More amusing is their delivery method:

Through our service, you compose and send your lover a normal-looking “Greeting Card” saying “I Love you” or a similar message. Because the e-mail appears to be a regular greeting card, the recipient will open the e-card and LoverSpy will be automatically and silently installed!
The program begins monitoring them IMMEDIATELY, there is no delay. It records and sends you all e-mails they view, including Hotmail, Yahoo, and Outlook emails.

Since this only works on Windows, I guess Linux geeks can cheat with impunity – assuming that they can find two members of the appropriate gender to sex them up. Also nice is how they’ve significantly lowered the barrier to entry for password grabbing, I love the idea of script kiddies being associated with the soccer mom stereotype. (via IP)

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  1. I can’t believe somebody would show up to admit to using this program for spying on others. No offense, but you are disgusting.
    I hope whoever you’re spying on figures out what you’re doing and dumps you for being what you really are.

  2. Okay, this is all too weird. I have to admit I downloaded the program to keep an eye on my kids who had just started chatting online. Problem is, I can’t get the darn thing off. The files that are supposed to be deleted csrss.exe and smss.exe says they are system files. I’m afraid to delete them and make my problems worse. I downloaded a program called spy sweep and it didn’t even pick up on this lover spy. Anyone have any new solutions? Where are these people? Why don’t they just come forward and tell us how to rid ourselves of this thing?

  3. I am just glad people are beginning to get upset about the threat posed by this type of software package, but unfortunately spybots like LoverSpy are not the worst threat .
    Remember when, Once upon a time, the Internet was a relatively benign, simple place that bestowed the revolutionary power of communication on all who wanted it? Somehow, in a few short years, we have let the internet change from a sunny open field of dreams into a dark menacing jungle. The Web is crawling with script kiddie hackers, shrink wrapped computer viruses, spam, password stealing packet sniffers, and identity thieves. In the e-commerce revolution there is only one commodity, your information, and thousands of cash hungry predators will do almost anything to get it.
    Guess what is worse than a spybot stealing passwords right off of your machine? Try one that doesn’t even have to be installed on your machine… its called a packet sniffer and there is a new generation of easy to use information sniffers that only need to be installed on a single machine to sniff ALL the traffic on a lan. Weakest link in the chain approach, and it’s the preferred method for real criminals.
    I wrote a nice little white paper on some of the newest of the breed if anyone is interested
    – Mark

  4. Procuro pelo software lover spy,por favor entre em contato comigo,preciso adiquirir esse software.Vou aguardar sua resposta. Denis

  5. Procuro pelo software lover spy,por favor entre em contato comigo,preciso adiquirir esse software.Vou aguardar sua resposta. Denis

  6. Christ, I’m closing comments on this post. If you came here looking for a copy of Loverspy just dump your significant other. They’re cheating on you or they aren’t, but the fact that you think that they might be means your relationship is in trouble.
    Either you’re paranoid or your S.O. is doing something to make you think they’re cheating. Do yourself and him or her a favor and pack up your stuff and leave.

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