Upoc.com is an awesome service that, given the right use, can be a mobile phone killer-app. It’s basically Yahoo Groups for cell phones, with messages limited to 120 characters. You can’t use it to send out your latest political manifesto, but if you want to do that you should be using email. Instead, it lets you send short messages to your friends, usually delivered within a few seconds.
The nice thing about this is that you don’t need to be at your computer to send or receive messages. I could imagine a group for dumpster divers to tell people about good spots or college students using the tool to advertise events with free food.
My SOCOM playing friends (AKA Clan NES, not that we are a real clan) use it to let people know what room they’re playing in. It seems simple, but most of us aren’t sitting in front of our computers waiting for emails about SOCOM. If we’re already in front of the TV, then we get the message and before too long there’s 5 to 10 of us in a room.
There’s also a group for Ann Arbor goings on but it hasn’t hit the tipping point of awesomeness yet. The site is really a great self-organization tool, like Meetup.com or Yahoo Groups and I’m sure people smarter than me will think up much better uses for it than online gaming.
Any Clan NES want to second my emotion?

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