So I’m not sure why exactly you’ve wasted your time doing this? So you’re able to tranfer you account to another user… If I’m not mistaken, the whole purpose of the Apple iTunes Store, is so you can download the music you want. Key words “you want.” By doing so, you get virus free and non-corupt music files that you pick out. Thus knowingly purchasing songs based on your own music preferences.
You don’t run to the store, buy a pack of chewing gum, chew half; then turn around and sell the remaining pieces because your tired of chewing the gum.
I think we’re sending the RRIA the wrong message. It’s not hard to figure out how to work around the system. People have been doing this for years. We’ve all done it. The message we really should send, is that we’re tired of the music industry’s crap. Why should I pay $25 for a new cd with maybe only three good songs on it? Until the artists make better music, people will continue to surf p2p networks for there music.